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WJB20 Junction Box and other models, all for Safe Areas

Features: WJB20

  • Dimensions (mm) 106  x 105  x  67.5
  • Entries 5 x 20mm
  • Terminals 6 x 4mm²
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Standard Termination involves the use of conventional plastic or metal cable glands. These glands are specifically made for our heating cables. Cable Glands are normally supplied in termination kits. The kits are available for safe and hazardous areas and contain all the parts required for connection to the power and to terminate the end of the cable. Kits also contain a caution label and cable identification tag.

Weather proof junction boxes, rated IP66, constructed from polycarbonate material.
Designed for use with a glanded cable entry system.

As standard, robust and corrosion resistant polyamide enclosures are supplied for use in safe (non-hazardous) and hazardous (Zone 1 or Zone 2) areas.
Heat Trace >   Self-Regulating Cables >   FAILSAFE ULTIMO - FSU/FSU(w) 250ºC


Extremely high temperature self-regulating heating cable


  • 250ºC Exposure temperature withstand, (energised or switched off)
  • High power outputs to 100W/m at 10ºC
  • Inherently temperature-safe (ITS)
  • External temperature controls not necessary
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FSU is an extremely high temperature self-regulating heating  cable, having an exposure limit of 250ºC, energised or not. It has easy terminations, and able to be cut-to-length. It has the safest ever self-regulating product range for extremely high temperature exposure; it will not overheat even when exposed to 250ºC when energised or switched off as it is inherently temperature-safe. It is ATEX and IECEx Approved.
FAILSAFE ULTIMO - FSU/FSU(w) 250ºC Self-regulating heat trace cable