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Cable fixing accessories: a range of adhesive and non-adhesive fixing methods for securing heating cable in position


  • FT/HTP: PVC Adhesive Tape for low temperature heaters
  • FT/HTS: Adhesive Fixing Tape for medium temperature heaters
  • FT/PGL: Non-adhesive Fixing Tape for high temperature heaters
  • FT/ALUM: Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape; flame-retardant & water-resistant
  • PPS/G: Galvanised Fixing Strip used on tanks and large surface areas
  • FB.GT: Stainless steel Fixing Bracket to protect and support heating cable
  • FC.GT: Metallic Fixing Clip with adhesive for securing heating cable to gutters and roofs
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FT/HTP: A self-extinguishing conformable PVC adhesive tape. Used for low temperature heaters and applications only.

FT/HTS: A glass cloth based adhesive fixing tape. Used for medium temperature heaters and applications. Designed for long term performance and resistance to continuous temperature exposure.

FT/PGL: A non-adhesive woven glass yarn fixing tape. High tensile strength, good resistance to chemicals. Used for high temperature heaters and applications.

FT/ALUM: A 30 micron aluminium foil, coated one side with an acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive. The tape is backed with a strong polythene coated release paper. Flame retardant and water resistant.

PPS/G: Pre-punched galvanised fixing strip, for various applications holding heating cables in position on tanks and large surface areas, etc.

FB/GT: Stainless steel fixing bracket c/w 2 x nylon tie wraps, with several functions. Used in wide gutters to provide equal spacing for double runs of GTe heating cable. Also used to protect heating cable in difficult transition zones and supporting heating cable in drainpipes.

FC/GT: Metallic fixing clip with self-adhesive pad. Used for securing GTe heating cable to gutter or roof surface. (Gutter surface must be clean and grease free.)

Heat Trace >   Self-Regulating Cables >   FAILSAFE ULTIMO - FSU/FSU(w) 250ºC


Extremely high temperature self-regulating heating cable


  • 250ºC Exposure temperature withstand, (energised or switched off)
  • High power outputs to 100W/m at 10ºC
  • Inherently temperature-safe (ITS)
  • External temperature controls not necessary
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FSU is an extremely high temperature self-regulating heating  cable, having an exposure limit of 250ºC, energised or not. It has easy terminations, and able to be cut-to-length. It has the safest ever self-regulating product range for extremely high temperature exposure; it will not overheat even when exposed to 250ºC when energised or switched off as it is inherently temperature-safe. It is ATEX and IECEx Approved.
FAILSAFE ULTIMO - FSU/FSU(w) 250ºC Self-regulating heat trace cable