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Installation components: a range of miscellaneous components for use when installing Heat Trace products


  • Pipe fixing straps with buckles
  • Stainless steel brackets for components
  • Lagging Entry Kit
  • Blanking plugs: brass or plastic
  • Insulating heat break
  • Caution/Warning label
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PFS Range: Pipe fixing straps with buckles.

PBS/M: Stainless steel pipe bracket for components.

LEK: Lagging entry kit. Protects heating cable when entering lagging and forms seal around cable entry to prevent water ingress.

BP/JB9000: M20 Blanking plug (plastic). Can be provided for use in either SAFE or HAZARDOUS Areas.

BP/FL: M20 Blanking plug (brass). Can be provided for use in either SAFE or HAZARDOUS Areas.

HBK: Insulating heat break. Used to protect pipe mounted components from exposure to excessive pipe surface temperatures. Mineral wool base with silicone rubber sheet.

CL: Self-adhesive, vinyl CAUTION / WARNING label for fixing to insulated pipework or vessel to indicate that electric heating cable is installed beneath the thermal insulation. To be fitted on pipework at intervals NOT exceeding 6 metres. For large quantities in alternative languages, please enquire for details.
Heat Trace >   Self-Regulating Cables >   FAILSAFE ULTIMO - FSU/FSU(w) 250ºC


Extremely high temperature self-regulating heating cable


  • 250ºC Exposure temperature withstand, (energised or switched off)
  • High power outputs to 100W/m at 10ºC
  • Inherently temperature-safe (ITS)
  • External temperature controls not necessary
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FSU is an extremely high temperature self-regulating heating  cable, having an exposure limit of 250ºC, energised or not. It has easy terminations, and able to be cut-to-length. It has the safest ever self-regulating product range for extremely high temperature exposure; it will not overheat even when exposed to 250ºC when energised or switched off as it is inherently temperature-safe. It is ATEX and IECEx Approved.
FAILSAFE ULTIMO - FSU/FSU(w) 250ºC Self-regulating heat trace cable